Who We Are

Misfits Attic:

We’re an independent game studio, which we’re sure you can tell from our website. We want to make big small games with attitude, create immersive worlds that you want to share with your friends, and bring our dark sense of humor to your living room. Our founding members have over 30 years of experience in the film, game, and design industries. We’re passionate about great, original game design, and committed to creating a balanced work/life atmosphere.






Tim Keenan:

Tim has loved making games ever since he made his brother a “space” version of RISK as a kid (for the record, they played it… once). He loves playing games, discussing games, and especially creating new ones. It’s borderline annoying.


Tim worked on Console Games for PS2 and Xbox (such as Splashdown and ATV Offroad fury 2) at Rainbow Studios before becoming an FX Developer/Artist (IMDB) for Animated Movies (such as Shrek 2, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon) at Dreamworks Animation. Tim also worked as a designer and architect for several future generation pipelines and applications, and has worked in clothing, character effects, and as a Technical Director.





Sean Chang:

Sean worked at Dreamworks Animation for over 4 years. He specializes in lead character rigging, research and development work on dynamics systems, and facial pipeline development. Sean has also led development on hair, cloth, and wings. He is credited for his work on "Bee Movie", "Kung Fu Panda", "Madagascar 2", and "How To Train Your Dragon". As a developer Sean has worked on games using C# and Microsoft's XNA, developed applications using the iPhone SDK and Objective-C, developed prototypes using C# and the Unity Engine, and has worked with Unrealscript in the UDK



Holly Keenan:

Growing up, Holly always loved to draw, and draw, and draw, and draw. Her parents worked out of their home as architectural illustrators, so from a young age with the helpful advice of her father -- "don't be an architect" -- she knew she would have to apply her love of drawing to a career that required less time in school and a broader range of job options. When the time came for Holly to go off to college and pick a career, she chose to study Graphic Design at the University of Georgia. As it turned out, this decision would lead her to her future husband and out to the West Coast.

Holly has spent the past ten years in interactive media as a visual designer for a variety of companies including Yahoo, CNN, Philips Electronics, and a few other places no one has heard about. Having the opportunity to create original art for games is now allowing her to reconnect with her love to draw while deepening her knowledge in interaction design.